Aromatherapy is defined as the therapeutic use of pure, unadulterated essential oils and other fragrant plant materials for holistic health treatments.

It began in 1912 when the father of modern aromatherapy, French Chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse badly burned his hands while working and treated himself with Lavender essential oil. Gattefosse marveled at the speedy recovery of his burns and was inspired to immerse himself in an intense study of essential oils. Scientific study of the chemical constituents of essential oils in combination with the case studies involving the application of essential oils for various veterinary treatments yielded positive results.

Aromatherapy was the name given to the use of fragrant plant oils by Gattefosse. He defined aromatherapy as a therapy or cure using aroma, aromatics and scents, noting that the most curative properties were found in plants.

Today aromatherapy is widely used and accepted as an exceptional alternative to conventional treatments for both humans and animals.